Costs of Climate Change


The climate change is a responsibility to everyone. The adverse effects of climate change are imminent in every corner of the universe. This has been experienced in various forms including melting of glaciers, extremely cold weather and lack of rain in other regions. Cutting down of trees is amongst the top causes of climate change. Building houses for settlement has been a major cause of individuals cutting down trees. Printing papers are products of trees and this explains why the printing industry can be attributed to tree clearing.

Different interest groups have realized the importance of conserving the environment owing to the negative impacts experienced. The printing industry has also become more eco – conscious through all its aspects. Evidently, various firms have chosen to embrace the virtue of climate conservation ensuring they make a difference in how things are done. This is important not only to the environment but also the business as customers will align themselves with businesses that are environmentally conscious.

By embracing the green perspective, printing companies have increasingly created awareness on the importance of conserving the environment. This includes reducing or eliminating the harmful chemicals and more so reduce waste that impacts negatively to the sustainability of environment. Printing companies have embraced the aspect of environmental awareness mostly by the type of papers they use for printing purposes. Many of the printing companies have reduced reliance on virgin printing papers and hence aided a lot in conserving the environment. It is helpful when it comes to conserving energy, reducing water pollution and reliance on trees for papers. Tree cutting will go down as reliance on them as the primary source of printing papers has gone down through the moves by the printing firms. Through the emphasis to conserve the environment, steps have been taken towards eliminating use of chlorine when it comes to whitening papers. The harmful products of using chlorine in production of papers is a major threat to the marine life and thus has been eliminated. By making sure that harmful chemicals are avoided in the printing process, environmental awareness has been created making it possible for environmental conservation website.

Printing also requires inks. Not long ago when printing agencies used inks made from harmful chemicals that are a threat to the environment. The inks in operation at the moment are vegetable based and therefore more eco-friendly. These inks are easily reused and biodegradable and therefore not dangerous to the environment. It is much simpler to separate this ink when it comes to recycling papers for purposes of printing. It has been evidenced on different occasions that various printing firms have championed the move to create awareness regarding environmental conservation across the globe. Conserving the environment is of importance to everyone and should be a collective responsibility.

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