The Need for Creating Environmental Awareness


Imparting knowledge to the people on what their surrounding means and the need to preserve it is referred to as environmental awareness. Our physical surrounding is called environment. Educating the people on the importance of conserving the environment can be done in very many ways. Through media, During national holidays, in schools, in churches, in local women groups, through advertisements, putting up banners and may more. It is for the purpose of ensuring that we live free from dangers of dirty environment. Creating public awareness of the need to conserve the environment comes with many advantages.

Health standards of people has been boosted. Living in an environment that is free from pollution and toxic gases will prevent you from catching the unnecessary illness. Reduction in the rate of cutting down trees is going to result in many trees that absorb the toxic gases in the atmosphere using it to make their food. Draining stagnant waters is also going to destroy the breeding grounds for mosquitoes thus reducing the risk of contracting malaria. Numerous deaths caused by malaria are going to reduce. Aeration of the ground is also going to be good since the living organisms in the soil are not going to die as a result of pollution.

Environmental education also results in increase in agricultural production. A a lot of precipitation is required for the well-being of groups. Avoiding deforestation and encouraging people to plant more trees is going to result in the increase of rainfall. The rate of transpiration is going to increase hence increasing the amount of rainfall and since trees are water catchment. The greater the amount of rain the larger the number of trees. Due to high amount food cases of nutritional deficiency diseases are not going to be experienced.

Environmental awareness is also going to result in economic growth. Soft or exotic trees can be utilized in the manufacturing industries for the production of paper. The paper produced by the manufacturers can be used in making books and printing industries. Job Opportunities such as cutting down of the tree, transporting them to the factory, in the manufacturing sector and distribution of books. Apart from that recycling the plastics and polythene bags are also going to help in boosting the economy of the country by creating jobs.

Environmental education also results in increased amount of water here! With many trees planted and the mature ones not cut is going to cause a lot of rainfall. Since they are the high amount of rainfall people will drink and use drinking water that is safe from viruses and bacteria.

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